A Game of CIT

In the Inns

The party then made their way to Dag’s Inn, the next inn on the road. At Dag’s Inn is where the party first heard the rumors of members of House Axeforde murdering smallfolk from House Dannett. The retainers of Axeforde vehemently denied this of course and continued on their way the following morning.

Their next stop was The Great Stag. There they heard more rumors about their House and the vile deeds they supposedly committed. They also met a man, Hamish “Ham” Flowers, who after much interrogating admitted to being hired by a man to kill some mercenaries, the ones the party passed and were being eaten by wolves. The man that hired Ham was known as The Fox Knight.

The party left in the morning, Ham in tow, bound as their prisoner to take to King’s Landing for justice. Suddenly, an arrow streaks through the crisp morning air and sticks cleanly in Ham’s head, killing him. The party is unable to find the source of that arrow, and two other men attack from the sides.

These men are easily defeated and surrender, revealing they were hired by Lord Alfric Dannett, even providing a description and a letter of their hire.

However the astute party, especially Lady Bethany who is somewhat familiar with House Dannett, realizes their description is almost the exact opposite of Lord Alfric Dannett and the writing and signature are clearly not his.

The two henchman agree to go peacefully and are escorted towards King’s Landing for justice…

Bandit attack!

On their way to King’s Landing, while on the Rose Road, the party found three bodies in a ditch, being eaten by crows. However upon further investigation it turned out the youngest, a young squire, was still clinging to life. He informed them they had been set upon by four brigands and with his last breath begged for the knights to be avenged.

Just before nightfall they arrived at a small inn. There were not many patrons, and not much of note occurred. However when they left in the morning a couple hours away from the inn they were stopped in the road by two bandits, demanding a hefty toll of 1 gold dragon per person. Lady Bethany was outraged and asked if they knew who her father was. The bandits didn’t care and hurled insults at Lady Bethany. This was too much for Brennan who began the charge at the would be robbers.

Unknown to the party, two archers were posted in the forest and they took a heavy toll on Brennan and Birna. However due to outnumbering them as well as no small skill, the party from House Axforde prevailed, albeit with a wounded Birna.

The most important and expensive reward claimed from the deceased bandits were two horses trained for battle, which went to Brennan and Wolfworde. Lady Bethany claimed a hunting bow, so she would be able to protect herself should Brennan and Wolfworde fail in the future.

The Rose Road a little safer, they traveled onward…

The beginning

Bradford Axforde, heir to House Axforde, sent Brennan and Wolfworde to find Brenna (actually Birna) and have her help them find some healy dude that was currently in Hampton.

Brennan and Wolfworde seek out Brenna in the plains outside of Castle Cleavestone. They find out, but not without misfortune as Brennan is viciously wounded by a lizard-lion in a nearby stream. After Wolfworde bisects the lizard-lion the trio make their way to Hampton to find this healy-dude.

They find healy-dude (Lorenzo) in Hampton and after he re-wraps Brennan’s wound they make their way back to Cleavestone.

Upon their return to Cleavestone they are brought to Lord Barnaby Axforde, the head of the house, who is unconscious and ill. Lorenzo takes some time and is able to successfully diagnose Lord Axforde has the skull shivers, a terrifying disease that has not been seen for decades, the last epidemic almost destroyed House Axforde. Sadly, since nobody gets this disease anymore none of the known treatments are in Cleavestone.

Lorenzo spends a week helping Lord Axforde’s symptoms from worsening and slightly improves his health, however the disease can’t be cured without further medication. Lorenzo also successfully treats Brennan’s wound.

During this week Birna and Lady Bethany, youngest of Barnaby’s legitimate children, bond as they teach each other their wares, namely archery and court behavior. This bound deepens when Birna “saves” Lady Bethany from a wolf out in the plains.

House Axforde has received news of a tournament taking place in King’s Landing and they are invited to attend. However due to the quite ill Lord Barnaby, he and Bradford will be remaining behind. Bradford also wishes for his sister Bertha to remain. However he bids his youngest sister Bethany to be the representative of the House at the tournament. He sends with her Brennan and Wolfworde for protection. He sends Birna (as he now knows her name) to act as Lady Bethany’s servant on the trip. Lorenzo is sent to gather “herbs and spices” to heal the skull shivers.

They disembark towards King’s Landing…


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