A Game of CIT

Bandit attack!

On their way to King’s Landing, while on the Rose Road, the party found three bodies in a ditch, being eaten by crows. However upon further investigation it turned out the youngest, a young squire, was still clinging to life. He informed them they had been set upon by four brigands and with his last breath begged for the knights to be avenged.

Just before nightfall they arrived at a small inn. There were not many patrons, and not much of note occurred. However when they left in the morning a couple hours away from the inn they were stopped in the road by two bandits, demanding a hefty toll of 1 gold dragon per person. Lady Bethany was outraged and asked if they knew who her father was. The bandits didn’t care and hurled insults at Lady Bethany. This was too much for Brennan who began the charge at the would be robbers.

Unknown to the party, two archers were posted in the forest and they took a heavy toll on Brennan and Birna. However due to outnumbering them as well as no small skill, the party from House Axforde prevailed, albeit with a wounded Birna.

The most important and expensive reward claimed from the deceased bandits were two horses trained for battle, which went to Brennan and Wolfworde. Lady Bethany claimed a hunting bow, so she would be able to protect herself should Brennan and Wolfworde fail in the future.

The Rose Road a little safer, they traveled onward…



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