A Game of CIT

In the Inns

The party then made their way to Dag’s Inn, the next inn on the road. At Dag’s Inn is where the party first heard the rumors of members of House Axeforde murdering smallfolk from House Dannett. The retainers of Axeforde vehemently denied this of course and continued on their way the following morning.

Their next stop was The Great Stag. There they heard more rumors about their House and the vile deeds they supposedly committed. They also met a man, Hamish “Ham” Flowers, who after much interrogating admitted to being hired by a man to kill some mercenaries, the ones the party passed and were being eaten by wolves. The man that hired Ham was known as The Fox Knight.

The party left in the morning, Ham in tow, bound as their prisoner to take to King’s Landing for justice. Suddenly, an arrow streaks through the crisp morning air and sticks cleanly in Ham’s head, killing him. The party is unable to find the source of that arrow, and two other men attack from the sides.

These men are easily defeated and surrender, revealing they were hired by Lord Alfric Dannett, even providing a description and a letter of their hire.

However the astute party, especially Lady Bethany who is somewhat familiar with House Dannett, realizes their description is almost the exact opposite of Lord Alfric Dannett and the writing and signature are clearly not his.

The two henchman agree to go peacefully and are escorted towards King’s Landing for justice…



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